Lionsteel Rok – From innovation to prestidigitation

The Rok is a EDC folding knife designed by Michele “Molletta” Pensato, a long-time partner of Lionsteel. It displays all the most important technologies that characterise the brand. 

Winner at the Blade Show 2018

Thanks to its highly technological and innovative folding Rok, Lionsteel managed to win the Manufacturing Quality Award at the Blade Show 2018. This knife perfectly sums up the innovation path that its manufacturer has followed over the past decade.


The Lionsteel Rok is a Solid knife, which means that the handle is made from a unique block of titanium 6AI4V or aluminum (Tidascus for Rok 50). It is provided with frame lock blade locking system together with the Rotoblock, the safety system patented by Lionsteel, reinforced with a steel insert, that allows you to fix the blade when on use. 

Like the T.R.E., the Rok offers the possibility to remove the flipper tab: thanks to the ball bearings, it can be opened in no time, thus becoming a two-hand opening folding, easier to carry in many countries. That’s why the knife comes with a short screw that fits the threaded hole.
It’s also the first folding provided with the H.WAYL technology, patented by Lionsteel. It allows you to hide the clip while using the knife so that it doesn’t bother your hand when you hold it. The clip can be easily pulled out when you put the Rok back in your pocket. 


With a simple and clear design, Rok is perfectly in line with the concept of E.D.C. The hard drop point blade is simple and only features a short swedge, whilst the handle presents a combination of textures and levels, delivering a good balance and firm grip. This underlines the great progress made by Lionsteel in the 3D processing. The rear of the monolithic handle has three wide holes, which prevent it from collecting dirt if frequently used.


The Rok family boasts eleven versions. Three of them have an aluminum handle, available in black, orange or red, and a Böhler M390 blade, coupled with three identical knives, except for the steel that is covered with a black Mil spec treatment. The other two versions keep the M390 blade but present an anodized titanium handle, available in grey or bronze. In just as many knives the titanium handle, with a gold or blue livery, is combined with a clip and a blade made from scrambled damascus by Chad Nichols. Last but not least, the special ROK 50, made in a limited edition of only 50 pieces to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. It features blade and clip in Chad Nichols stainless damascus, and handle in damascus titanium. The customers can pick their favorite number when ordering. 


All folding Roks are equipped with two Torx keys: if it’s in aluminium, with L key with two tips; if it’s a top-of-the-range, with two different tools made on the lathe. One of the keys works on pivot, Rotoblock screw and clip screw; whereas the other one allows to remove the clip and the flipper tab.


The Rok box contains a NFC chip. What is it for? If you turn on NFC on Android, or download an NFC reader on Apple, you can simply hold your phone close to the chip to access to exclusive content, activate your warranty, receive information on the Lionsteel world or contact the customer service.

Technical specs 

  • Producer: Lionsteel, Maniago/
  • Model: Rok
  • Designer: Michele “Molletta” Pensato
  • Blade material: M390 59-60 HRC; damascus
  • Handle material: aluminum; titanium; Tidascus
  • Length when open: 197 mm
  • Blade length: 83 mm
  • Blade thickness: 4,5 mm
  • Weight: 126 g (aluminum), 163 g (titanium)
  • Lock type: frame-lock 
  • Price (Italian market): aluminum/M390 satin finished 240 euro; aluminum/M390 black 260 euro; titanium/M390 370 euro; titanium/damascus 470 euro, Rok 50 2.000 euro

Pro: high-tech and innovative 

Cons: none 

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